THE CHA CERTIFICATION PROCESS… involves evaluation by two CHA Certified Clinicians, in a multi-day certification clinic held at approved CHA Program Member host site facilities. CHA certification clinics involve written tests, skills demonstrations and participation in workshops on topics such as risk management, teaching techniques, professionalism and herd management depending on the certification. Certification is awarded, if achieved, at the end of the clinic and the level of certification attained (if any) is the sole discretion of the two CHA Clinicians conducting the clinic. Certification is valid for three years from the certification date; the person must maintain annual individual membership in CHA. Instructors may recertify at the end of the three-year certification period by providing documentation of at least 25 hours of continuing education and work within the industry. The only way to raise the level of certification is to attend another CHA certification clinic. Seasonal equestrian staff certification requires a different certification process.

CHA CERTIFICATION CLINICS ARE AFFORDABLE AND ACCESSIBLE… Certification clinics are held at program member facilities throughout North America and are an exceptional value. Most host facilities charge from $600-$900 for a certification clinic, which typically includes lodging and meals. Clinic fees always include student manuals, instructor manuals, and CHA membership and certification fees. For a current certification clinic schedule, see Clinics by Date and Clinics by Location on this website.

CHA'S MINIMUM CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS… Instructor candidates must be a minimum age depending on the certification on the date of certification (no exceptions). A candidate for certification must have sufficient experience with horses and people to assume responsibility for the safety and well being of groups of less experienced riders/clients.  Candidates must have strong organizational skills and communicate clearly. Candidates must be able to demonstrate the ability to catch, lead, groom, tack and generally handle and care for horses without assistance.