WHAT TO EXPECT AT A CERTIFICATION CLINIC... Candidates will teach lessons/skills demonstrations on topics assigned by the Clinic Staff, according to the candidate's ability level. When not teaching, the riding instructor candidates will ride in lessons, role-playing as a student. All riding instructor candidates will give oral evaluations of their own lessons, as well as the lessons given by other candidates; clinic staff will also give oral and written evaluations of lessons for safety, group control and effectiveness. Candidates will also be evaluated throughout the clinic on their professionalism, including appropriate dress, attitude and demeanor. Expect long days and evening classroom sessions; participants may also be expected to help with horse chores.

WHAT TO BRING TO A CERTIFICATION CLINIC… will depend on the type of clinic, time of year and the location of the host facility; specific information will be sent to participants after registration, by the host facility. Clothing should be safe, neat and suitable for riding and barn chores. Participants may be required to bring their own riding helmet or wear a helmet provided by the host facility. Participants should be prepared for classroom sessions and note taking, and it may be helpful to bring resources for use in planning lessons (books, poster board, models, charts, etc.). Suitable school horses and all necessary equipment are provided by the host facility; bringing private horses is discouraged (some facilities may accommodate private horses, others will not). It is acceptable for a participant to bring and use their own saddle, provided it is fitted to the horse, in good repair and available for everyone's use during the clinic.