• CHA has provided a reasonable and accepted Standards for Equestrian Programs
  • Site Accreditation is a process in which equine programs are evaluated on compliance with these CHA Standards.
  • Each Site is visited by two CHA approved Site Visitors who verify compliance with the CHA Standards.
  • Each Site is scored on their compliance with these CHA Standards. 


  • Accreditation is available to all types of equine programs.
  • Accredited sites must be current CHA Program Members.



  • Because you care about the safety and quality of your equine program.
  • Because your clients, customers and parents care about safety and professionalism.
  • Because it is only a matter of time before government regulations require accreditation or licensing.
  • Accreditation is visible evidence to potential customers/clients that you strive to adhere to industry safety standards.
  • Accredited Sites may use the CHA logo on all advertising, letterheads, displays, etc.
  • The CHA Site Accreditation sign may be displayed to show you care about safety, education and animal welfare.
  • Accreditation is advertised in all CHA publicity materials.
  • Possible insurance discounts.


CHA's Standards for Equestrian Programs. Standards are divided into three categories, concerning the site (or facility), the program operations and the program management and are also divided into specialty standards including vaulting, driving, equine facility manager, trail, etc.

Standards are prioritized as either "mandatory" or "recommended." Accredited sites must comply with 100% of the mandatory standards and 80% of the recommended standards. Following is a brief synopsis of the standards:

SITE: safe grooming and tacking areas, rules posted, arena and trail construction and maintenance, safe and humane areas for animals, emergency plans.

PROGRAM: staff qualifications, rider attire policy, program policies and procedures, rider eligibility policy.

MANAGEMENT: Director qualifications; herd management practices; horse selection; horse records; equipment fit, care and maintenance; progress reports for horses and riders.

Read the Accreditation Prepatory Packet

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