CHA Level 2 Composite Manual Answer Key


T The Shetland pony sets height limit

S The Father of breeds is the

W The Welsh ponies are any color except

R The appaloosa got its name from

U The Pinto was brought to America by the


Write In Names of Face Markings:

A.      Blaze

B.      Star

C.      Snip

D.      Strip


The correct Name of each marking shown:

E.       Stocking

F.       Sock or anklet

G.     Coronet


*Parts of the Horse/Hoof answers p.8 of Level 2


Multiple Choice:

1)      A

2)      C

3)      A

4)      C

5)      D

6)      D

7)      B

8)      B


C Bay

D Chestnut or sorrel

A Palomino

B Appaloosa

H Pinto

 F Brown

Cha Level 2 answer key continued:

G Grey

E Roan

Horseman’s Terms:

K Mare

N Colt

D Foal

M Filly

I Stallion

L Gelding

J Green