The Certified Horsemanship Association is a not-for-profit membership based organization, founded in 1967. CHA certifies riding instructors, vaulting, driving, equine facility managers and trail guides, accredits riding facilities and provides resources to programs and instructors in the form of published industry standards for equestian programs, student horsemanship manuals and instructor manuals. Additionally, program materials are offered by CHA including student awards and certificates, posters and other educational resources. The mission statement for CHA is to promote excellence in horsemanship safety and education for the entire horse industry.

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STANDARD INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION: offers certification for both English and Western instructors at four horsemanship levels; also addresses short trail rides.

TRAIL GUIDE CERTIFICATION: offers certification for trail guides at four levels from hourly guide to wilderness packer.

DAY RIDE TRAIL GUIDE CERTIFICATION: offers a 2/3 day certification for those that operate trail rides by the hour.

COMBINED CERTIFICATION: offers both trail guide and instructor certification at the first two levels of both the Standard and Trail program.

COLLEGE CERTIFICATION: for students enrolled in the college to be attained normally upon graduation.

INSTRUCTORS OF RIDERS WITH DISABILITIES: offers certification for instructors who deal with riders with disabilities; six levels of certification available from Side Walker to Level 3 Instructor.

SEASONAL EQUESTRIAN STAFF CERTIFICATION: a non-renewable seasonal certification available only to equestrian staff of CHA Program Member facilities that work under a CHA Level 2 or higher certified instructor or guide.

EQUINE FACILITY MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION: for barn management from Stable Worker, Stable Manager, Herd Manager to Equine Facility Manager.

DRIVING INSTRUCTOR AND DRIVER CERTIFICATION: for drivers as well as driving instructors.

VAULTING COACH CERTIFICATION: for vaulting coaches from recreational to competitive.

CHA CERTIFICATION CLINICS are offered at approved host sites. Clinics are organized by the hosting facility and conducted by two CHA Certified Clinicians (Seasonal clinics may have only one clinician). Host sites are responsible for collecting fees from participants, sending registration information and course materials to participants, contracting the services of clinic staff and paying applicable certification fees to CHA.

Host sites may conduct private certification clinics for the sole benefit of their own riding staff, or may open clinics to outside participants to offset the cost of the clinic. CHA suggests a minimum fee of $650 charged to participants, to help ensure the financial success of the clinic and to prevent unfair competition. Seasonal Equestrian Staff certification has certain limitations and minimum fee does not apply.

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